5th Grade Math and Science

Two - 1 inch 3 ring binders

10 dividers

2 packs of mechanical lead pencils

2 packs of loose leaf paper

2 packs of dry-erase markers

1 pencil pouch to clip in binder

1 pack of highlighters

1 large pack of crayons

5th Grade: English/US History Supply List


1- 2” 3- Ring Binder- any color The binder will contain everything students will need for class and homework.)

**No Trapper Keepers or Zipping Binders**

1- 5 Pack Binder Divider Tabs

1- “3 Ring Binder” Pencil Pouch (To keep Pencils, Crayons, and Highlighters for Class.)

1- 3 hole punched folder (To be Kept in the Back of the Binder for Graded Work.)

4- Packs Loose Leaf Paper: Wide Ruled (1 Pack in Back of the Binder, 3 to be Left in Class)

4- Yellow Highlighters (1 in Binder, 3 to be Left in Class)

4- Black Dry Erase Markers (To be Left in Class)

3- 8 Pack “Crayola” Crayons (1 Pack to Keep in Binder, 2 for Class)

Mechanical Pencils and Coordinating Lead (I will be keeping 0.7 lead to give students, as needed, throughout the year.)


Wish List:

3- Boxes Kleenex

3- Bottles Hand Sanitizer

3- Boxes of Clorox Wipes