Hello My Name Is...

Sheryl Bise

Please remember to look in the folder and sign on your child's homework page daily!  Also, your child needs to have a snack sent to school daily (one drink and one food item).  Should you need to contact me, please send a note (in folder), contact me by email at sbise@dcps.k12.va.us, or call the office (926-6088) and leave a message! I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year!  Sheryl

 * Check out the Useful Links for practice at home.

Class Schedule for Mrs. Bise’s Class 2018-2019

7:45-8:15 – Prepare for day/homeroom

8:15-8:40- Morning Meeting

8:40-10:15- Language Arts

10:15-10:45- Reading I/E
10:45-11:15 - Recess/bathroom turns.


11:50-12:50- Math

12:50-1:20- Math I/E

1:15:25- bathroom turns

1:25-2:10- Encore  Day#1-Computer Lab

                                      Day#2- Gym (Greear)

                                      Day #3- Library

                                      Day #4- Gym (Sturgill)

2:15-2:50- Science/Social Studies

2:50-3:00- Clean up, snack, get book bags ready for home
3:00-3:05- First run buses to get ready for hallway

3:10-pick-up students to gym

*There will be at least 5 scheduled bathroom breaks during the day.  If a child has a need to go at another time, a turn will be given!*

  Homework for "The Big Race" November 26-30, 2018. 
As we progress into flu season, donations of Clorox wipes would be appreciated ***Please remember due to inclement weather the schedule may change.  Look for important notes in your child's folder.***

Review the words for the story (The Big Race).  Sam the cat sheet ("untitled") is in folder today.  Due by Friday, November 30, 2018.

Math: Practice subtraction with problems that have differences from 20-0. NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK!)

Partner read "The Big Race"    
Review the words for the story.

Math: complete math homework pages geometric figures page front and back.   Turn in by Friday, November 30, 2018.


Re-read "The Big race"

Review the words for the story.

Math: Practice subtraction   problems that have differences from to 20-0.  NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK!)


Take a practice spelling test.

Read "The Olympic Games  " pages 126-129.  No written homework.

Math: complete math homework pages Geometric shapes  191 and 192.  Turn in by Friday, November 30, 2018.


No homework.

No homework.

Spelling Words                     Vocabulary Words                 High-Frequency 
came                                      cottontail                                  four
make                                      hay                                           five
brave                                      hooray                                     into
late                                         lizard                                        over
gave                                       race                                         starts
shape                                    roadrunner                                three
waves                                                                                     two
chases                                                                                    watch



Spelling words will be on the test for the week.   The vocabulary and high-frequency words will not be tested, unless stated.  Return this sheet each day.  Please check the box showing that you have completed the assigned homework with your child.  You may throw this sheet away on Friday.