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Steffanie Willis
Welcome to 5th Grade English!

Yearly Focus and Student Expectations-5th grade is an exciting time for both me and your child!  Since Kindergarten, he/she has been learning sight words, how to decode (sound-out) unknown words, and read with fluency. It is now time for your child to learn how to read for understanding and meaning. Therefore, you will begin to notice a transition in his/her reading as they begin to develop a higher level of thinking and begin to thoroughly understand what he/she reads. This will prepare our students for the requirements of both middle school and high school learning!

The overall objectives for this year, in both Reading and Writing, are as follows:

Vocabulary- Aside from the traditional use of dictionaries, glossaries, and other reference material, your child will begin to create word meaning through the use of Context Clues during reading. This will allow him/her to determine the meaning of unknown words and understand what he or she is reading. This is the key to becoming a better reader!

Reading Fiction- Students will understand Story Structure by identifying Characterization, Plot Conflict/Resolution, Point-of-View, identifying Cause and Effect relationships, as well as, determining the author's Main Idea of the text and supporting that information with details from the story. We will also be focusing on reading strategies such as making Conclusions and Inferences from the story, as well as, making Predictions before and after reading.

Reading Nonfiction- Students will identify and use text features to organize and locate information, identify Structural Patterns in nonfiction text, identify Cause and Effect relationships, distinguish between Fact and Opinion, Compare and Contrast relationships, as well as, locating the Main Idea of the text and support that idea with details from their reading.

Writing/Grammar- The overall goal of the writing program is for students to first learn how to construct a complete paragraph by creating a strong topic sentence and supporting that sentence with details.  Before the end of the first semester, your child will be able to construct a complete 5-paragraph essay and successfully pass the alternative writing assessment required by the State of Virginia. We will achieve this goal by using a formulated writing process, as well as, a comprehensive study of grammar and sentence structure.

As you can see, we have a busy year ahead of us! However, I have no doubt that we are going to have a wonderful school year! Please be sure to check this page regularly for information regarding homework assignments and special announcements throughout the year.  If you should need to contact me, please choose the "Contact Me" link on the left and send me an e-mail.  I will get back with you just as soon as possible!