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Week of April 18-21

New Homework Assignments
I am sending home a calendar for this month.
The calendar will have homework assignments for each night. If you do not have internet access at home, I will send home a paper copy of the work I want your child to complete for review.This will be for a grade and I will take that grade on Friday, or if we miss on a Friday, it will be the following Monday. 



Day 4

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3






No homework

 Social Studies

Study the study guides
Study the study guides
Study the study guides
 Study the study guides
 No homework
Language Arts: At this point in the school year, all skills are being reviewed for the remainder of the year.

Social Studies: We will continue with our unit. Quizzes and classwork assignments will be randomly given. Please study nightly for 5-10 minutes.

Encore schedule is as follows:  
Day 1-PE (Greear)
 (10:00-10:45)                                   Day 2- Computer Lab
                                                          Day 3- PE (Sturgill)
                                                          Day 4- Library/Guidance
Tuesday folders will come home each Tuesday, please take the papers out, sign the folder, and send it back. The papers inside those folders are yours to keep, please take them out and keep those at home.

Important: We will be reviewing in Reading from this point forward. We will be taking a practice test weekly, so look for those to come home in the folder. Please encourage your child to take their time, look over their papers for mistakes, and also to always give their best. This advice will help them succeed year after year.

  Important Events/News

I can not express enough the importance of great attendance. I understand sickness and other circumstances arise that are unavoidable, however, having your child here regularly is so vital to their success at school. While I can send home papers to be completed, it is not like being in class and hearing the discussions, watching the videos, simply hearing the instruction. There is limited time in which I can provide them a shortened, condensed version of the instruction that was provided to the students during class time. Please consider the absences and check outs and the negative effects it has on your child's academic experiences.
**Scholastic book order will be placed on the 24th of this month. If you wish to order, please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Club.