Beth Slone

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Mrs. Beth Slone

Beth Slone

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August 14th -18th 






Place value 

  Compare numbers 

     Order numbers

Homework!!! Practice forms and ordering numbers 

 Round numbers  Quiz 

Class Schedule 

7:45-8:15                          Arrival and prepare for the day

8:15                                 Tardy Bell 

8:20-9:05                          Encore

                                        Day 1-Library

                                        Day 2- P.E. Sturgill

                                        Day 3- Computer Lab

                                        Day 4- P.E. Greear

9:05                                 Switch Class

9:10-9:40                          IE

9:40-11:00                        Math 4D

11:00-12:15                      Math 4C

12:20-12:50                      Lunch

12:50-1:25                        Science 4C

1:30-2:05                          Science 4D

2:05-2:35                          Recess

2:35-3:05                          IE

3:05-3:10                          Homeroom and prepare for home

3:15                                 Dismissal   

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