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Encore Schedule
Day 1- Computer Lab   
Day 2- PE (Greear)    
Day 3- Library        
Day 4- PE (Sturgill)  

Nightly-Students should be studying in their History study guide nightly.

Monday- Context clues sheet(graded daily)-Do Wednesday's
Tuesday- Context clues sheet (graded daily)-Do Thursday's
Thursday- Context clues sheet(graded daily)-Do Monday's
Friday-Context clues sheet(graded daily)-Do Tuesday's

Important News/Events/Class assignments
1. Donations of Clorox wipes are greatly appreciated.  
2. A student vaccination form went home on Wednesday. Fifth grade students must have a Tdap before entering sixth grade. 
3. I have started my SOL review with students I have identified as needing that additional support in preparation for the SOL test in May. I will conduct that review during school hours. There will be NO after school SOL review for me this year. Attendance is very important every day of the school year, especially during this time. 
4.Unit 6 History test will be Friday, March 23rd. Students have a study guide and several foldables we have created with information for study purposes. 
5.I will be sending home homework nightly to review the standards we have covered this year. This week, students should have 2 sheets on Context clues(1 fiction, 1 nonfiction). This will be graded daily. This will be in their "homework" section of their binder. Late grades will not be accepted unless a student has an excused absence.