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Welcome to Ms. McCoy's Page.

September 17-21
Encore starts with Day 1 (computer lab) on the 17th.

Unit 1/Week 4
Take-Home Book: "Selling Things"

**Please read this with your child each day. Encourage tracking (finger pointing) while reading. Child points to each word being read.

High-Frequency Word: and

Have your child look for these words in books, on labels, or anywhere you may find the opportunity. This will increase word recognition.

Letter of the week: Mm
*Letter name
*Letter shape
*Letter sound

Ask your child to tell you words that begin with the letter Mm. 

Math Skills: 

*Read, write and count numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9 
*Oral counting 1-20
*Count back from 20

Math Review:                                       
*Recognize numbers 0-5
*Square - 4 equal sides, 4 corners
*Rectangle - 4 sides, 2 long sides and 2 short sides, 4 corners
*Triangle - 3 sides, 3 corners
*Circle - curved line
*Oval - curved line


Social/Emotional Development:
*Listens and takes turns in conversation.
*Interacts with others in appropriate ways.
*Cooperates with others in group activities.
*Uses materials appropriately.
*Uses good manners.
*Understands that actions have consequences.

Encore Schedule:

Day 1 - Computer Lab
Day 2 - P.E. (Mr. Greear)
Day 3 - Library
Day 4 - P.E. (Mrs. Sturgill)