Heather Mullins

Heather Mullins


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What we are studying

Math - Place Value to Hundred Thousands
Standard Form, Word Form, Expanded Form of Numbers
Science - Plants and Animals

Important Dates

August 15 - Dome Theater 1:00
August 18 - Math Test


Day 1 - Library

Day 2 - PE Sturgill

Day 3 - Computer Lab

Day 4 - PE Greear


Ways to help your child:
* Ask what we did in class today.  Find out what we are learning about and allow your child to show you.
* Give your child an assortment of items lined up.  Ask which is first, second, third, etc.  Allow your child to read a thermometer and ask him/her what the temperature is.
* Make up some 2 digit addition and subtraction problems for your child to work on.  These are also hard concepts for many children and the more they practice, the better they will understand.

www.ABCya.com is a wonderful resource for practicing skills we have been learning about in class.